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Orchids make people happy. This is the consensus of orchid enthusiasts around the world.

As an avid gardener, I have found that orchids relieve stress like none other. They are beautiful and intriguing, and have the mystic and power to draw you to their beauty. Looking after them can contribute to your overall wellness by evoking positive feelings of joy, enthusiasm, and tranquillity.

Growing orchids in your home can be extremely satisfying. While they need dedicated care and bloom once or twice a year, it is the journey that leads to their blooming that can contribute to your well-being.

So I would like to spread the cheer and enhance this experience through my posts. Follow my blog for tips on culture and care of orchids, interesting facts, projects, hobby and DIY hacks, and learn how to make it one of the most satisfying experiences for you.



Recent posts

  • Winter Care for Orchids
    Changing seasons bring in changes to the way you care for your orchids. Making small adjustments in your orchid care routine during winter will ensure that you get healthy and beautiful blooms during spring. Read on to know more about the changes you need to make to provide the best care suited for your orchids during the colder months.
  • Project#6: Mounting your orchid on cork bark
    While it’s no mean feat to mount your orchid on cork bark, knowing about this medium and using the right material and its correct maintenance thereafter will help you get the most out of this coveted material. So get set to provide your prized collection a boost in terms of aesthetics. And last, but not the least, give vent to your creativity and display your orchids in the best possible way, even when not in bloom. The effect is sheer magic. The satisfaction – guaranteed.
  • Six orchid care tips for the rainy season
    The monsoon downpours have begun and your orchids will get a fresh lease of life when you make the most of the season and allow them to soak up its goodness. Rich […]
  • 7 EASY SUMMER CARE TIPS for your orchids
    Warm days and the sweltering heat can affect your orchids to a considerable extent. Keep them stress-free using these summer care tips, which would contribute to their healthy growth and blooming.
  • Spotlight: Tolumnia orchids
    Tolumnia have a unique charm of their own and are sought after by orchid enthusiasts for their attractive blooms and small size. The first thing that comes to your mind when you think about Tolumnia orchids is that for their compact size, these small and  delicate blooms pack a punch when they bloom in multiples, in all their vibrant glory. Read the post to understand their versatility and care requirements.
  • Project#5: Dividing and repotting your overgrown Cattleya orchid
    When space is a constraint and you do not want to have an overgrown, unruly orchid plant, then it is best to take a more practical approach and consider dividing it into two divisions. The reason being that leaving the plant to put out further new shoots will only put the plant at risk, as all the new growths will grow outside the pot. Moreover, such unequal growth may make the plant unsteady, making it easy to get knocked off or even cause other plants to be knocked off. Not only does this jeopardise the plant by way of getting bruised or tender new growths snapping off, but an unruly lopsided growth also makes it aesthetically unappealing. So I set about dividing my Cattleya into two divisions and repotting them separately.
  • Project#4: Tidying up your orchid’s root system
    Every year, your orchid grows new roots. As the number of new roots increase, peering through the transparent pot, you will notice several roots that are brown and mushy. This decay is a natural ageing process to shed off old roots. The root system is now dominated by the roots from the newer growths. In order to create a healthy environment for these new roots, it is a good idea to clean up the root system and remove the old, dead roots.
  • Project#3: Displaying your blooming Tolumnia orchid
    Displaying your tolumnia orchids orchids in bloom. Bringing a slice of the woods in your living room
  • Project#2: Mounting your Tolumnia orchid on wood
    One of the most fascinating aspects of growing an orchid is that you can get as creative as you like and mount them on various substrates such as wood, bark, coconut coir […]
  • Project#1: Why, when and how to repot your orchids
    Repotting guide
  • 6 Tips to GET YOUR ORCHIDS READY for the blooming season
    While your orchids are busy preparing for the blooming season, you, as a care provider, play a significant role in ensuring that your orchid blooms are healthy and live up to your expectations. Listed below are six ways in which you can achieve a better bloom cycle for your orchids, by getting them ready for the blooming season.
  • How to SAVE YOUR ORCHID from pests and diseases
    A complete care guide on treating the most commonly seen pest infestations and diseases in orchids
  • Everything you wanted to know about ORGANIC MEDIA FOR GROWING ORCHIDS
    Orchids grow extremely well on organic media such as bark chips, sphagnum moss, charcoal, coconut chips and wood mounts. This is because it mimics their natural habitat. Orchids are epiphytes and in […]
  • 7 CARE TIPS for NEW GROWTHS on your orchids

    Seldom is there anything more exciting than the discovery of a new growth or a bud spike on your orchid.

    After all the hard work that you have put in over several months, your orchids will reward you by pushing out a new growth or spike. Taking care of these new growths will ensure that you get a healthy bloom cycle and derive maximum pleasure from it.

  • 7 Reasons why orchids can help you beat stress
    Tending to my orchids after my work day, watering them, tidying them up, or inspecting the newest growths and bud spikes, I can feel the calmness and freshness seeping into me and I ponder, who needs to meditate to beat stress? This ‘me-time’ leaves me elated, refreshed, focused and active. I always ask myself, ‘Why do my orchids make me happy?’
  • 5 Basic Care Tips for your Orchids
    Now that you have settled down into a comfortable routine of growing your orchids by providing them with the right conditions for their growth, there are additional requirements that will keep them healthy and free of pests, help them grow well and prepare them for the blooming season. Just as you take care of your other indoor plants, you need to regularly check on them and ensure that they are healthy and disease-free. This regular maintenance will facilitate their peak growth and help them flower year after year.
  • Beginner’s guide to GROWING ORCHIDS
    Growing orchids can be easy if you know about their culture requirements. Found in the forests at the foothills of the Himalayas, Assam and in some parts of Karnataka in India as well as other parts of the world, these plants are epiphytes and grow attached to branches and rocks, soaking up moisture and stray rays of the sun that are filtered through the chinks in the foliage. They generally thrive and flower prolifically in warm and humid climates, which receive a fair amount of rainfall. But wherever you may live, you can provide orchids with these conditions by growing them under controlled conditions.
  • Nine things you should know before embarking on the orchid hobby
    Orchids are the most beautiful and exquisite wonders of nature. While the blooms are admired the world over, it has been over a decade since orchids have gained popularity as a hobby. But the snowball is growing bigger and bigger as it rolls and today, there are millions of orchid hobbyists in remote corners of the world, who are going to great lengths to rear orchids in their homes or hot houses.
  • Orchids and Wellness
    Orchids make people happy. It is the journey of growing orchids and the anticipation of the blooms that bring great joy.


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