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Growing orchids in your home can be extremely satisfying. While they need dedicated care and bloom once or twice a year, it is the journey that leads to their blooming that can contribute to your overall well-being.

So I would like to enhance this experience through my posts. Subscribe to the blog for tips on culture and care of orchids, interesting facts, projects, hobby and DIY hacks, bloom gallery, videos and learn how to make it one of the most satisfying experiences for you.


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  • Your posts are a boost to many of us to to be free of stress and keep smiling.

    Radha Lakkashetti

  • Very informative and nicely written. After reading your blog, many of us will get motivated to grow orchids in our homes.

    Maltesh Patil

  • Very well-written. Your passion for orchids comes through. Very comprehensive article.

    Maneesha Wali