Orchids and Wellness

Orchids bring joy like none other. They are beautiful and intriguing, and have the mysterious power of drawing you to their beauty. They are stress busters and can contribute to your overall wellness by evoking positive feelings of joy, enthusiasm and tranquility.

No wonder then, that the woods beckon us every time we need a break from the rigours of modern life. Imagine yourself walking through a vast expanse of green canopied woods, with the crunch of gravel underneath your feet and pockets of moss and fern covered rocks lining your path, camouflaging nooks and crannies. And in such picturesque surroundings, you chance upon a clump of beautiful orchids growing on tree trunks, branches and rocks. It would simply take your breath away!

What if I could tell you that you could create the same magic right in your living room? That would definitely be a dream come true for the nature lover in you! All you need to create this aura is a few orchid plants and the knowhow about their culture and care.

As a first-timer, you may have been gifted an orchid plant, or picked one in a garden centre, or decided to add one to your house plant collection. To begin with, you need to know that orchids need special growing conditions such as moderately warm temperatures, humidity and coarse media that provides adequate aeration to the roots.

If you are a gardening buff, orchid growing can be a breeze. They are just like ordinary plants, and in nature, grow attached to substrates like tree bark, rocks and other surfaces, which is why they are classified as epiphytes.

As a hobby, orchid growing can be extremely satisfying. While they need dedicated care and bloom, once or twice a year, it is the journey that leads to this blooming that can contribute to your wellness.

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You will very soon realise that the joy lies in the anticipation of the blooms, watching the plants grow, nurturing them and waiting for the first buds or spikes to appear. The joy lies in the excitement of discovering a new growth that has the potential to bloom, and watching it reach maturity. The joy lies in guessing whether a new growth is just another new root tip or whether it is a flower spike. There is also the element of delight, when you suddenly discover a flower spike when you are watering your plants. And last, but not the least, the unmatched excitement of unboxing your online purchase of orchids. The list could go on…

Of course, be warned, once you get orchid fever, you do not ever get cured!

As a beginner, you can get a headstart by reading up on growing orchids and understanding their culture requirements. Orchids have specific care requirements that will help them grow and bloom well.

Watch this space for more information and useful tips on nurturing orchids that will reward you with the most exquisite blooms. 

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