Anupama Patil

  • Orchid hobbyist
  • Freelance writer and editor
  • Healthy food blogger

Hi, I am Anupama. I am passionate about growing orchids and writing. Based in Mumbai, India, my journey so far, has been incredibly rewarding .  I would like to share my experiences in rearing orchids, as well as my learning gained over the years.

Orchid growing is a hobby that makes people happy. My aim is to share my enthusiasm and passion for orchids, and enrich your life by helping you beat stress through this relaxing hobby.

I enjoy getting creative and experimenting with new ways to grow orchids, exploring new media, and enhancing  their aesthetics through innovative ideas.

I believe that it is the journey of growing and caring for orchids, which holds great excitement and anticipation – of the blooms with their unmatched beauty.

I am also sourcing orchid supplies from small-time business owners as they are a minority and need our support to grow. You will find an assortment of products sourced from various corners of the country. Please feel free to connect with me if you have a specific requirement and we will try to source it for you.

Besides this interest, I am also a healthy food blogger. I believe that eating good food is a matter of choice. So we should eat wholesome and healthy foods that nurture and heal us from within.

Follow my blog on www.foodismymedicin.com for delicious and easy-to-make healthy Indian as well as contemporary continental food. Learn about fun facts of foods that we should eat on a regular basis to keep us healthy.

You can reach me on