Cork bark chips potting medium (Mixture of coarse and fine grade chips)


3 Litre Pack


Cork bark potting medium provides near-natural conditions for growing orchids.

This is premium quality cork bark chips imported from Portugal. Available in various grades to cater to the growth of different types of orchids, it can be classified into Large Grade, Coarse Grade and Fine Grade, depending on the size of the bark chips.

A potting mix of fine grade bark chips along with coarse grade cork chips caters to the needs of many types of orchids. It is ideal for growing orchids that require adequate moisture retention and at the same time provides a good wet-dry cycle. With this medium, you can find the sweet spot or ideal condition by mixing and matching with other media to provide optimal conditions for different types of orchids.

Cork bark chips are rugged and provide proper anchorage and help retain the right balance of moisture and air, even in a large pot or container. It does not absorb water and therefore minimizes the risk of rotting. It is often used along with bits of loosely packed sphagnum moss or a mixture of coconut husk chips and charcoal to provide a balance of moisture and air. You can use this for potting orchids that need a moisture-retentive medium such as oncidiums,  phalaenopsis, miniature orchids and also  for orchids that have delicate or thin roots. There is no need to add perlite as cork chips provide good aeration.

This premium cork bark lasts for 3  years or more if it is used correctly (allowing quick wet-dry cycles). This prevents it from disintegrating like other media. So it works long-term and saves the hassle of repotting frequently.

Note: Cork bark chips are lightweight and therefore sold by volume and not by weight.

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