Slatted pinewood basket (Small)


Size: 5 x 5 x 5 inches


Suitable for orchid hobby growing
Material: Pine wood
Usage: For growing bareroot orchids / air plants. Can also be used as decorative planters for displaying succulents / miniature and small size plants.
Orchids, being epiphytic, require proper aeration for their roots. These baskets are designed for growing  bare-root orchids and air plants.
Pine wood is used for exterior garden products due to its weather resistant property. The wood retains moisture for some time and provides a humid environment for your orchids’ optimal growth. It does not retain moisture and dries off quickly, thereby providing your orchids with a healthy wet-dry cycle. The slatted design provides good air circulation and promotes drying up of excess moisture. It also facilitates the intertwining of roots, thereby securing the plant firmly in the basket.
The baskets are handmade and have hooks to hang them. You can twine a nylon string  or use GI metal hangers to suspend the basket. Alternatively, you can place the basket on a flat surface to display your orchid.
You can also use it as a decorative planter for dry flower arrangements and air plants.